After the online reservation, the client receives an e-mail from the Reservations Department, which certifies if the vehicle class you have selected is available for the Bucharest car rental service. In order to make a final reservation, the client must confirm the reservation through an e-mail. The reservations will only be confirmed for a car from a class, not for a certain type/model of the respective vehicle. The total cost will be charged at the rental company.
The guaranteed price is calculated depending on the selected location/class of the vehicles and the selected date/hour. After the confirmation, any modification of the reservation might influence the price and/or availability of the car. The following will also be taken into account: the age requirement, the driver’s license and the credit card. The client must be over 21 years old, he/she must hold a valid driver’s license, nationally and/or internationally (mandatory international driver’s license for documents issued in countries with other than the Latin alphabet and for those obtained through driving cars with a steering wheel on the right side of the car, EX: Great Britain, India, Australia, Japan). The driver’s license must have been issued at least one year previously, for category B. Upon pick-up, the client must present the original driver’s license, an identity card and a credit/debit card or, if he/she chooses the option to pay without a credit card, to pay the guarantee amount in cash.
The drivers mentioned in the contract are the only people authorized to drive the rented vehicle. The additional driver has the same obligations as the main driver and he/she must accept these conditions by signing the rental contract. Autorom rent a car Otopeni allows a maximum of 3 additional drivers/rental.
The following documents must be presented by the client: identity card or passport, valid driver’s license, held for a minimum of 1 year, approved credit card. If additional checks are necessary, you might be required to present additional documents (plane tickets for return, hotel reservation confirmation, etc.)
The client pays in full, upon signing the contract, the rental (of the car and the optional elements), the optional and mandatory insurances, as well as any additional taxes. The main driver must hold a valid credit card. The data on the credit card will be required at the moment of rental. Also, the client may pay for the guarantee without a credit card. The prices do not include: costs for fuel, tickets issued for disobeying circulation rules on public roads or the national legislation, as well as all costs resulting from the action of the local authorities over the vehicle that makes the object of the present agreement, during rental. The full payment of these amounts is the responsibility of the client.
The delivery and return of the vehicle is made at the place, date and hour agreed upon by both parties and mentioned in the contract. The return of the vehicle in other places that the one mentioned in the contract is only allowed with the agreement of Autorom and may result in additional costs, which will be charged by Autorom, an amount that might be taken from the guarantee deposit, if the client chooses another delivery location, after the pick-up of the car. The return becomes effective at the moment when the client signs the contract. The delivery and return service is “upon request” and depends on the availability of the Autorom personnel from the rental office. The delivery and pick-up applications must be sent at least 24 hours before.
The cars rented from Autorom rent a car Otopeni are not allowed to cross Romanian borders.
If the client and/or additional driver are aged 21 to 25, additional insurance taxes will be charged. The client who returns the vehicle in another location than that specified upon pick-up of the car will be charged an additional fee. Autorom rent a car Bucharest offers the One way rental system between all cities in which an Autorom office is available. Please consult the Autorom office in order to determine if you can use the One way rental service.
At the moment of reservation, please inform us with regard to the additional equipments you desire. For your comfort and safety, we can offer you, for an additional cost, the following additional equipments: child seat – 5.00 EUR/day, snow chains – 3.00 EUR/day, navigation system – 5.00 EUR/day. In case of wreck/damage, the client must pay the cost of the rented additional equipment.
The return of the vehicle with a delay up to 3 hours from the moment mentioned in the rental agreement will not incur additional fees. In this case, the Otopeni car rental company must be notified at least 12 hours before the contractual term for the return of the vehicle. For an announced delay of more than 3 hours, an additional fee will be charged, equivalent to a day of rental. The unannounced delay leads to charging the fee for announced delays, plus an additional cost of 5.00 EUR for each hour of delay until the return of the vehicle.
Autorom offers you the car with a full tank of gas, at the beginning of the rental period. We advise you to fill up the tank before returning the vehicle. Otherwise, the lacking fuel will be charged at the applicable price by Autorom at the moment of the vehicle return.
The client/authorized driver is covered by the civil liability, in the case of an accident. However, the renter may be considered responsible, in accordance with the Romanian regulations, for damages that cannot be covered by a civil liability insurance. The renter is responsible for the damages and theft of the rented vehicle, within the limits of a maximum amount. You may check which insurances are included in the rental price at the moment of reservation or when you arrive at the vehicle pick-up location. The vehicle has RCA and CASCO insurances for damages and theft. The insurance of persons and goods inside the vehicle is made according to the Supervision Committee of the Insurance Norms regarding the civil liability insurance. Upon signing the contract, the client chooses one of the following insurances: CDW (included in the day by day fee), SCDW or SCDW + CDW is an insurance for damages with a franchise specified in the public prices, also called guarantee. The acceptance of CDW reduces the liability of the client to 300.00 EUR for vehicle categories A, B, C; 400.00 EUR for vehicle categories E and F; 600.00 EUR for vehicle category G, the value of the franchise is deposited upon signing the contract and will be returned to the client upon vehicle return (except for cases mentioned in par. 4.4 of the rental contract). If one the drivers in the contract is between 21 and 25 years old, or over 70 years old, and requests a SCDW/SCDW + insurance, a double amount will be charged. In both cases, the mandatory minimum deposit is 150.00 EUR. The guarantee for damages is charged by the Bucharest Autorom car rental company from the client in the following cases: Damages (accidents) caused to the rented vehicle were caused by fault of the client or an unknown author (including the situation in which the vehicle is found damaged in the parking lot).
In the case of any other exclusions from the insurance according to chapter 5 of the rental contract, the client will not be responsible in case of damages caused by natural disasters, as long as the client follows the current circulation rules. The insurance does not cover the loss, theft or destruction of the goods pertaining to the client or his/her companions who are in the vehicle. Regardless of the chosen type of insurance, the client will present, upon pick-up of the car, a deposit named guarantee. The client is responsible for the repair and full payment of collateral damages, in the following situations: non-compliance with obligations that arise from chapter 2, as well as par. 3.3 and 3.13, the rental contract, damages to the lower part of the vehicle, the interior and rims/tires if the SCDW insurance is not valid, partial or total damages caused by smoking inside the car and/or damages caused by being in the proximity of inflammable sources, the theft of original documents or the car keys. Please remember that the insurances do not cover the loss, theft or destruction of the goods pertaining to the client or his/her companions.

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